We Are Powered Water®

ETI has systems installed in multiple Commercial, Food Industry and Agricultural applications. Whether it’s used in a major bottling facility, a commercial cleaning operation, or fruit orchard, Powered Water® Flow Control Technology is improving the cleaning and sanitizing processes and making the operations more effective and cost effective.

Ionized Water

Introducing ETI’s Powered Water® new “Flow Control Technology“ IONIC water processing. FCT produces electrolyzed, IONIC solutions with unique “ready to use” water parameters with the “dialed in” individual ionic solution strengths and pH values needed for every specific application. This Patent Pending, Automated Control Process makes an alkaline, Catholyte “C” solution that is unmatched in its ability to emulsify lipids, oils, minerals and soils. NO electrolytes; NO residual chlorides; NO chemicals and NO waste water stream… Just pure Ionized Water.

No Residual Chemicals

The sanitizing Anolyte “A” Hypochlorous solution is a powerful USDA Organic compliant disinfectant and University Tests have proven this form of Hypochlorous to be more effective than traditional Chlorine solutions such as Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), and more harsh disinfectants such as peracedic acid. This patent pending process is based upon Process Controlled Automation electrolysis using only natural ingredients such as water, salt and simple soda carbonate means Powered Water® is a truly sustainable AND safe solution

Ionic Solutions

Common electrolysis of salt and water with a dividing membrane between its electrodes results in two separate IONIC Solutions that if created in compliance with EPA and USDA regulations, can be accepted for cleaning and sanitation; the alkaline cleaning solution Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), and the acidic sanitizing solution with Hypochlorous (HOCL).  

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