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Powered Water® is a proprietary Electrolyzed and Ionized Oxidative Water recognized effective by the USDA and EPA for safe, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting capabilities. Powered Water® is unique in the industry as it is generated by ETI’s new “Flow Control Technology“ process creating two ionized water solutions that truly pack a 1-2 punch in home and industry cleaning and sanitizing applications.


•   An excellent Salt & Chloride FREE Catholyte Solution with a safe pH
•   Safe and Effective controlled amounts of Sodium Hydroxide
•   Complies with USDA Organic requirement for cleaners
•   Lowered surface tension
•   Breaks down dirt, soils and oil
•   Helps lift and separate soils from surfaces.


•   Hypochlorous Acid solution
•   Complies to USDA Organic requirements for disinfectants and pesticides
•   EPA Approved disinfectant generator
•   Tests confirm High Log Bacterial kill on foods, plants and surfaces


University testing has proven IONIC Hypochlorous solutions to be effective in antibacterial applications and is safe for direct food and crop applications. Powered Water® is proven effective in applications from orchard spray, to fruit packing, so Beverage Bottling System cleaning, and even used in Cleaning and Sanitizing Controlled Atmosphere “CA” Storage Rooms and ng Produce shipping containers.

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