Low Cost Fluids

Using common source water, combined with a small amount of electrolyte and a controlled current of electricity, ETI generators produce “ready-to-use” fluids for pennies per gallon. AND... the highly efficient emulsifying cleaning agent and the proven disinfectant each does its job with NO ADDED CHEMICALS.


Powered Water® is completely safe due to IONIZATION through Electrolysis. There are NO CHEMICALS added at any point in the process. The secret of Powered Water® is that the active ingredients are IONICALLY GENERATED COMPOUNDS. They are NOT created by mixing chemicals together. This creates safe and effective solutions that are:

• Safe for Equipment and Facilities
• Safe for our Trees, Plants, Soil and Watersheds
• Safe for our Food.
    Proven and ACCEPTED safe for treating our Produce, Meats, Fish and Poultry
• Safe for Human Contact.
    No need for special handling instructions nor protective wear.

Operational Benefits

• Replace thermal and chemical sanitation
• Shortens Cleaning and Sanitizing time
• Replaces many in-field antimicrobial harmful pesticides
• Destroys common forms of microbiological pathogens in both the fungal and bacterial families
• Eliminates harmful waste stream impacts
• Enhance worker safety with non-toxic, truly clean technology
• Lower Heat & Power requirements reduce carbon footprint
• Remove use of caustic and other chemicals with long term harmful impacts


• Improve Product Quality
• Improve Plant Health 
• Improve Orchard and Vineyard Health
• Improve Product Storage Life
• Reduce loss due to contaminations

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