We Are Electrolyzed Oxidative Water

Our products are safe, non-toxic and environmentally responsible. From Commercial Carpet Cleaning, to anti-microbial washes in Orchards and Plant Grow Facilities, to Fruit Packing and Storing operations, our systems and products are being used daily with confidence that they work as intended and reduce toxic impacts on people, operations and farmlands.

World Safety

SAFE for our foods — SAFE for our fields, vineyards and orchards — SAFE for our homes and facilities, and SAFE for the entire human community.

World safety is the foundation of our product line. Safe for our foods - safe for our fields, vineyards and orchards – safe for our homes and facilities, and safe for the entire human community. Our primary food and agriculture product is Powered Water®

Powered Water

Powered Water® is a proprietary Electrolyzed and Ionized Oxidative Water recognized effective by the USDA and EPA for safe, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting capabilities

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